1978 F33A

Colemill Starfire 300 HP IO550
4 Blade Prop Q-Tip

Conversion in 1986
NOTE:  Currently registered
with FAA as

7167Total Time Airframe

394 SFREMAN (6/2002)
71 74 70 75 70 74
154 Since Teardown
Due to Prop Strike

154 SPOH (8/2008)
Repair an OH in 2008 due to
prop strike

Damage History: 2008
Wing removed for repair
, Engine
prop strike inspection by Poplar

Former Lufthansa
Very good paint
Very good interior
Very good glass
Complete logs

Collins Avionics:
AMR350 audiopanel
Dual 251/351 navcoms
451 DME
650 ADF
950 xpdr

WX10A Stormscope
GEM Engine Monitor
Shadin Fuel Flow
Century 31 autopilot
4 place David Clark intercom
Vertical card compass
Avionics cooling fan
CW Chronometer
Avionics Master
1079 Useful Load
Aux electric vac pump
TAS-100 preheater
Co-pilot brakes
Dual yoke
3 light strobe
Rosen visors
Gap seals

Now $99,900

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