Rick Bodee Resume

**Attended University of Illinois

**Graduated with BS in Accounting

**Completed all flight training at the
University of Illinois
Institute of Aviation
Soloed November 20, 1972

**Holds the following
licenses and ratings:
--Gold Seal Flight Instructor
--All ground instructor ratings
--Logged 16,000+ hours

Worked for one of the largest
Light Single Engine Cessna/Mooney Dealers
in the USA based at Midway Airport in Chicago,
accomplishments included:
--Chief Pilot for dealership &
Cessna Pilot Center (CPC)
--Chief Instructor FAR 141 Flight School
--Chief Pilot  FAR 135 Charter Service
--Obtained VA Approval for the Flight School
--Aerobatic Instructor

Founded Chicago Aviation,
highlights included:
--Large rental fleet consisting of:
(5) Cessna 152's
(5) Cessna 172's
(10) Complex/High Performance aircraft
(7) Line CFIs
--Pilot supply store with 100's of items in stock

Chicago Aviation currently concentrates solely on sales,
brokerage and acquisition of pre-owned aircraft.  Even in
this "new" challenging market of diminishing available
aircraft, sales  have remained robust averaging 45 closings
per year since January 1, 2013.

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